Unsere Welt

Our world

We are creative, web, event and lead all rolled into one agency. The versatility of our services perfectly reflects your requirements. Our world is tailored to your wishes.

Welcome to Ruffstone!

Unsere Wurzeln

Our roots

  • What does RUFFSTONE mean?

    The name RUFFSTONE is made up of the English words ‘rough’ and ‘stone’. RUFFSTONE is raw and unpolished, whilst at the same time unique and perfectly in tune with its environment. Authentic in every regard and from every angle. We apply the precision finish – for you, your projects and your success. This is where we apply all of our diverse areas of expertise to bring out the very best in you and your company. We know the fields you operate in. We shift the focus onto you – reliably and with a trained eye. That is what makes us unique.

  • How old is RUFFSTONE?

    2001: RUFFSTONE is formed as a sole-proprietorship company for visual dialog, focussing on corporate and classic marketing.
    2006: We take the next step. RUFFSTONE becomes a limited liability company (a German GmbH) and expands its portfolio to include event and project management, as well as online marketing.
    Today: RUFFSTONE and your paths cross. Welcome on board!

    Location: Munich
    Owners and managing directors: Silvia Fromm, Regina Marczinzik
    Employees: 9

  • Who is behind RUFFSTONE?

    Silvia Fromm,
    A cheerful soul. Her surname translates into English as "pious," but she is nothing of the sort. Her boundless creative imagination and passion transforms the agency into a huge playground. During the German carnival season, this party animal loves to let loose and live life on the edge.

    Regina Marczinzik,
    An animal and nature lover who wants to discover the whole world and whose every new experience along this journey inspires extraordinary ideas for the RUFFSTONE playground. Her greatest wish is to be Wolverine and save whales dressed in that flashy yellow outfit.

Unser Team

Our team

We are a team. We share the same goals and work together to achieve them. Our motivation is genuine, as we see your projects as our own personal obligation. With our wealth of knowledge, we cover every aspect of modern communications. We are designers, communications experts, event managers, production experts, project managers, web developers, and database specialists. Together we are RUFFSTONE.

Regina Marczinzik
Chief executive
Project management
Executive assistant
Silvia Fromm
Chief executive
Branding / Operation
Pamela Lorenz
Design & Project management
Philipp Heusinger
Clarissa Schnepf
Auszubildende Marketingkauffrau
Carmen Hämmerle
Design & Animation
Emilia Tschanter
Print & Digital Design
Jil Andersson
Design & Fun
Nora Soodani


Auszubildende/n zur/zum Veranstaltungskauffrau/-mann